Acoustic Foam & Soundproofing Panels


Improve the Sound Quality

SONEX® acoustical foam panels provide high-performance sound absorbing and room acoustics. SONEX® foam has been used in thousands of studios, schools, offices, churches and more to solve echo problems. SONEX® foam products contain no fibers and have the highest fire-testing approval available.


Art & Science of Sonex

Our products offer design versatility and exceptional acoustical properties. SONEX® Rondo Baffles improve the quality of sound in any large room. SONEX® Rondo Baffles are made from willtec, open cell, melamine foam and are Class 1 fire-rated according ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke density.


Reduce echo and reverberation

SONEX® Clouds contribute a unique design element to any space. Panels are lightweight and easy to install, providing excellent sound absorption with a modern cloud design. These acoustic ceiling clouds are designed for large open spaces, especially when there is minimal space for acoustic wall treatments.

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