Office and Public Buildings Applications

Our ceiling tiles, baffles and clouds add distinction, value and outstanding acoustical control to offices, call centers, lobbies, entertainment facilities, conference and board rooms, retail stores, lodging and healthcare facilities, among others.

SONEX Basix Ceiling Tiles, SONEX Harmoni Ceiling Tiles, Squareline Ceiling Tiles, SONEX Whiteline Ceiling Tiles are available for ceiling grid and adhesive applications. The ceiling grid tiles have a backerboard that blocks sound from traveling into adjacent rooms. Tiles without a backerboard easily install using acouSTIC adhesive.

SONEX Basix, Harmoni and Whiteline Ceiling Tiles are made from Willtec, open cell, melamine foam and are Class 1 fire-rated according ASTM E 84 for flame spread and smoke density. Squareline ceiling tiles can be installed with, or without Whiteline ceiling tiles to add a modern tech finish to any space.

WHISPERWAVE Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings also provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility.  Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE products are ideal for use in multipurpose rooms.

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