SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles


Quantity: 20 Tiles per Box
Tile size: 24″ x 24″
Suited for either 15/16″ or 9/16″ (24 or 14 mm) grid

SQUARELINE expanded metal ceiling tiles produce a chic, high-tech, modish interior look at an affordable cost. The tiles are manufactured using up to 55 percent recycled metal and easily fit within standard suspended grid systems.

COLORS: Colors do not necessarily reflect the actual color of the product.
SHIPPING TIME: Natural Finishes typically ship same day to 10 days, Standard Painted finishes typically 10 to 15 days and Premium Colors 15+ days.
SHIPPING RESTRICTION: Due to Proposition 65 and local building codes and regulations, polyurethane foam cannot ship into the state of California.

SQUARELINE Metal Ceiling Tiles offer a stunning, modern high-tech look in any setting, such as retail spaces, museums, music venues, restaurants and sports stadiums. SQUARELINE is available with our without an acoustical backer.

Additional Information

Product Information



  • Panel size: 2′ x 2′ (610 x 610 mm)
  • Flat lay-in panels standard
  • Suited for either 15/16” or 9/16” (24 or 14 mm) grid work


  • Highest-quality galvanized, powder-coated finish directional expanded metal mesh panels
  • Up to 55 percent recycled metal content
  • 70 percent open area, diamond mesh standard
  • Optional WHITELINE® acoustic backer panels have a WILLTEC core and are available in standard white and black fleece finishes


  • Modern interiors and retail spaces
  • Lobbies, lecture halls and education facilities
  • Art centers, museums and showrooms
  • Night clubs and music venues
  • Restaurants, theaters and cinemas
  • Convention centers and sports stadiums


General Installation Notes:

  • Handle with clean, white, cotton gloves
  • Expanded metal is directional; install panels oriented in the same direction
  • Depending upon actual metal gauge thickness, cut-to-fit panels can be made using sharp aviator snips, reciprocating sawzall, orbital jig saw or oscillating multitool fitted with metal-cutting blades
  • Optional WHITELINE acoustic backer panels are simply intended to be placed atop SQUARELINE panels on-site
  • Please consult Sonex-Online with any questions prior to your specific project application


Color Chart

Available in Chrome or Black metal.

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