Industrial Noise Control

Industrial Noise Control

SONEX products are especially effective for industrial noise control. SONEX products reduce noise levels without inconveniencing workers or cutting access to machines. Easy to install in existing or new industrial and noisy manufacturing areas products include SONEX Classic, SONEX One or SONEX Valueline depending on your needs. Or hang our SONEX Baffles from the ceiling.

SONEX Clean products are an excellent solution for food processing facilities. Our SONEX Clean products are fully encapsulated in a vinyl taffeta, which can easily be wiped clean.

Reduce Sound Transmission

PROSPEC Noise Barriers contain and block noisy machinery, minimizing sound transmission in noisy manufacturing areas, mechanical rooms and more.

PROSPEC Composite is an attractive solution for absorbing and containing noise and vibrations in many different settings. The panels come standard with a convoluted surface and gray water-based acoustical coating.

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