pinta Place of Worship Brochure

Religious facilities require effective noise management for attendees to clearly hear spoken word and enjoy musical performances. Our acoustic foam can reduce unwanted echo while complementing historic or modern places of worship. Download brochure

Recording Studio Acoustic materials

You realize you need a sound-absorbing solution in your office or studio but are not sure how to go about it. When you select Sonex™ acoustic foam panels, it couldn’t be simpler. Installation is a breeze, and you will be enjoying a better sound experience in your room in no time!  You won’t even need …

Sound Absorption concert

When you are trying to choose a solution to improve the sound quality in a room, it seems everyone has an opinion on which is the best choice. Acoustic foam is often the first recommendation. Polyurethane foam, felt, and acoustic fiberglass are some examples of sound-absorbing material alternatives. While these materials are effective to some …

Working from home
It all sounds great, working from home, a relaxed atmosphere your dog/cat at your side and then you take a call from an important client and they say "Wow!  Are you on a speaker phone?  All I hear is the echo of your voice and cars outside."  Very annoying and embarrassing indeed.  This folks is [...]
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