Baffle Corkscrews and Cables


Baffle corkscrews: The corkscrew hangers are hardware for installing acoustical melamine foam clouds and baffles for ceiling-mounted cable installation. We also offer cable kits.

  • Starting from: $20.00
Limit of 10 boxes per order. Please call 800-662-0032 for purchases over 10 boxes.
COLORS: Colors do not necessarily reflect the actual color of the product.
SHIPPING TIME: Natural Finishes typically ship same day to 10 days, Standard Painted finishes typically 10 to 15 days and Premium Colors 15+ days.
SHIPPING RESTRICTION: Due to Proposition 65 and local building codes and regulations, polyurethane foam cannot ship into the state of California.

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Each box of 4 clouds requires 16 corkscrew hangers

WHISPERWAVE Ribbon Sound Baffle
Each box of 8 baffles requires 16 corkscrew hangers

Each Box of 4 baffles requires 8 corkscrew hangers

SONEX Valueline Hanging Baffle
Each box of 6 baffles requires 12 corkscrew hangers

SONEX Rondo Sound Baffle
Each box of 16 baffles requires 16 – 32 corkscrew hangers
16 for vertical mounting
32 for horizontal mounting

Installation Method

• Corkscrew hangers are installed in the field for ceiling-mounted cable installation of foam baffles and clouds (cable and cable mounts provided by installer).
• Center corkscrew hangers over marked mounting location.
• While holding it vertically, press down and lightly turn the hanger.
• Allow the pressure to pierce the foam. Do no poke the hanger into the foam.
• Turn corkscrew clockwise until it the top coil is touching the edge of the baffle.

Note: Turn they eye loop so it is parallel to the top of the baffle and the opening of the eye loops face in the same direction.

• Avoid hanging baffles or clouds more than 10 feet below the ceiling. Long tethering will cause them to sway in air currents.
• Installation is best done at the end of the construction project.
• Use clean gloves to prevent soiling material.
• Melamine foam is fragile, please handle with care.
• Do not install material of unacceptable quality.

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