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SONEX BALANCE Ceiling Clouds Natural White


BALANCE Ceiling Clouds

These provides acoustical control while maintaining the appearance of an open ceiling. Completely preassembled, BALANCE Ceiling Clouds are easy to suspend from any ceiling or roof deck and are ideal for open office environments and loft spaces and have good absorption properties with 14.7 sabins/panel..

SHIPPING TIME: Natural Finishes typically ship same day to 10 days, Standard Painted finishes typically 10 to 15 days and Premium Colors 15+ days.
SHIPPING RESTRICTION: Due to local building codes and regulations, polyuretahne foam cannot ship into the state of California.

The BALANCE Ceiling Cloud consists of an acoustic panel with 24mm thickness and an aluminum frame with 2 pre-mounted assembly profiles on the back. ceiling clouds Frame is available anodized or white with exposed or concealed flange around perimeter with ceiling clouds.

BALANCE Ceiling Clouds are composed of a 15/16″ (24 mm) thick WHITELINE┬« Panel with a lightweight aluminum frame. WHITELINE Panels feature fleece laminated to Class 1 fire-resistant willtec┬« foam. Offered in natural aluminum and white, BALANCE ceiling clouds frames are available in non-exposed or exposed 3/8″ (10 mm) wide flange around the perimeter.

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Ceiling Clouds Available only in NATURAL WHITE.

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